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Turkey-based Venture Capital Company

The Client

Eurokick is a leading venture capital firm based in Turkey that invests in and advises innovative and high quality technology companies. It aims to support technology start-ups with great growth potential and the goal of establishing a strong presence in the global market.


In this project, we designed Eurokick's website, logo and colors to reflect its online identity and brand presence. The website was designed to highlight the company's innovative investment philosophy, services and success stories. With a user-friendly interface, we created an informative and accessible platform for potential investors and start-ups. The color palette and logo design were chosen to emphasize Eurokick's professional, dynamic and forward-looking character.

Our Solution

In our design and development work for Eurokick, we aimed to create a visually appealing and functional website that is in line with the company's goals and vision. With our logo and color choices, we reinforced the brand's message of being a strong, innovative and global player. The website was equipped with content detailing the company's investment and advisory processes, success stories and services. We also added interactive elements and spreads for potential start-ups and investors to easily get in touch with Eurokick.

These solutions provide Eurokick with a digital platform that will strengthen its presence in the global market and help it achieve its growth targets.


The website, logo and color palette we designed strengthen Eurokick's brand identity and help it reach its target audience more effectively. The website provides investors and entrepreneurs with comprehensive information about Eurokick, while the logo and color palette reinforce the company's professional and innovative image.




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