Baby Face: Photo Generator
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Baby Face: Photo Generator

See your future baby & more!

The Client

"Baby Face: Photo Generator" is a mobile application designed for couples and families wondering what their future baby will look like. It is the perfect solution for pregnant individuals or lovers who want to see a preview of their future child in a fun way.


In this project, we designed the mobile interfaces, logo and color palette of the "Baby Face: Photo Generator" app. The app uses advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies that analyze users' facial features and predict the face of their future baby. By creating a user-friendly interface, we allowed users to easily upload and combine their photos, choose the gender of the baby and create their future baby. In addition, various fun features such as face aging, gender swap, baby name finder are also offered within the application.

Our Solution

Our design work for "Baby Face: Photo Generator" focused on making the app intuitive for users to use. The chosen color palette and logo were designed to reflect the fun and friendly character of the app. AI-based features such as facial analysis, aging and gender swapping were integrated to provide users with unique and personalized experiences. To enrich the in-app experience, we developed features that allow users to compare their facial features with their partner's and imagine what their family might look like in the future.

Thanks to these solutions, we were able to provide "Baby Face: Photo Generator" users with a fun, interactive and unforgettable experience.

Custom Designed "Features" Icon Library

Custom Designed Animations for the App

Feature that Predicts Baby Face by Analyzing Mom and Dad's Face

Subscription & Paywall screens

Subscription Payment Walkthrough Screens

Feature that finds celebrities born on the same day as the entered birthday

Feature that Suggests a Name According to the Gender of the Child by Analyzing the Names of the Parents

Feature that Analyzes Baby Photos to Generate Future Photos

Feature that Analyzes Uploaded Photo to Predict How Old You Look

Feature that Analyzes Photos of Mom and Dad to Measure How Much They Look Like Each Other and Their Skin Compatibility

Feature that Analyzes Uploaded Photo to Measure Skin, Race, Age and Beauty Score


We designed the user experience, interfaces, logo and color palette to make Baby Face easy to use, fun and engaging. The app helps users get an idea of what their future baby will look like and have a fun time during the family planning process.




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