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The Client

Smith Klein Group is a leading firm based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, providing comprehensive advisory services to entrepreneurs in the business start-up process. A valuable guide for entrepreneurs in the region, SKG has +8 years of experience in business start-up, residency, visa processing and strategic business planning.


We have developed a user-friendly and informative website for Smith Klein Group, highlighting the company's areas of expertise and unique services. The website is designed for local and international entrepreneurs considering starting a business in the Middle East and aims to provide solutions to the challenges that can be encountered during the business start-up process. The site includes various sections such as SKG's advisory services, client experiences and success stories.

Our Solution

In our website development process, we adopted a design that emphasizes SKG's wide range of services and expertise in the sector. We created an interactive and intuitive interface where users can easily find information about the services. We created detailed guides on topics such as residency and visa procedures, business start-up processes and market research, making it easier for entrepreneurs to understand and manage these processes. We also included a section highlighting SKG's client experiences and success stories, providing potential clients with concrete examples of the value the company provides.

This website is designed as a platform to make Smith Klein Group the first choice for entrepreneurs looking to start a business in and around Dubai.

Mobile Friendly Experience

The prepared website has a mobile compatible design. In this way, users can visit the website from their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets without any problems. Texts, buttons and images are automatically adapted to mobile screens.

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The website we designed for SKG is an ideal guide for entrepreneurs who want to start a business in the UAE. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive content, it facilitates the process of starting a business in the UAE, provides information about visa and residence procedures, and provides screens to help with market research and industry entry strategy. It inspires users with successful entrepreneur testimonials and case studies.




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