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Who We Are?

From Strategy to Design, the Road to the Future with Technology

Wontik was founded in 2020 to help brands discover their potential and turn their dreams into reality. Blending the power of strategy with the passion of creativity, Wontik works on each project to design unique experiences that reflect the spirit of the brand and touch the hearts of the target audience.

By combining strategy and creativity, we embrace the mission of creating unique experiences that touch your target audience. While always striving to do the best in the pursuit of excellence, we are constantly looking for new and creative solutions with our spirit of innovation. We do our job with passion and reflect this passion in our work. We build a reliable relationship with our customers by adhering to the principles of honesty and transparency. We attach importance to teamwork and believe that we will achieve greater success by working together.

These values are the foundation of Wontik and guide all our work.

We bring together many disciplines

We offer services in different disciplines, tailored to your needs and successfully complete the most complex projects.

Web Development

Web Development

We bring your dream website or application to life. With user-oriented, fast and secure web solutions from corporate sites to e-commerce to customized responsive applications, we offer solutions for your needs

Digital Product Design

Digital Product Design

We design interactive and functional digital products with UX and UI designs. We ensure that your brand has a consistent and scalable design with the Design System that we create specific to your brand's identity.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity

We build a strong brand identity that will set you apart from your competitors. We make you stand out with logos, corporate identity guidelines, brand language and visual identity that tells your story and makes you special.

Mobile Development

Mobile Development

We offer cross-platform mobile application development service with Flutter for iOS and Android. We help you scale your business with innovative mobile solutions that keep your users with you at all times.

Micro Animation

Micro Animation

We design micro animations that improve the user experience and make your brand highlighted. We help your customers create an emotional connection with your brand and keep them interested.

Cloud-based Software

Cloud-based Software

We offer always available, scalable and secure cloud solutions. We contribute to your digital transformation by developing cloud-based applications that optimize your business processes and reduce your costs.

How We Work?

Steps to Perfection


Understanding Needs

First, we analyze your brand in detail to understand its goals, target audience and current situation. We work closely with you and your team and gather all the necessary information to develop a solution that meets your exact needs.


Detailed Research

We analyze competitors marketing strategies and products. We learn about industry trends and best practices. Using all this information, we prepare a solid research infrastructure that will form the basis of the project.



Based on research results, we develop unique designs that reflect the spirit of your brand and attract your target audience. Whether it's software, websites, mobile apps or other digital solutions, we ensure that every project runs flawlessly and smoothly.


Final Product

We carefully meet all the technical and aesthetic requirements of your project. We make final adjustments based on user testing and feedback and deliver your project to you in the highest quality.

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