Star: Celebrity Look a Like
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Star: Celebrity Look a Like

Find Who You Look a Like.

The Client

"Star: Celebrity Look a Like" is an ideal mobile application for people who are curious about which celebrity they look like and want to discover this fun experience. Using advanced Artificial Intelligence technology, this application analyzes the facial features of users and matches them with a celebrity twin, aiming to provide users with pleasant moments.


In this project, we designed the mobile interfaces, logo, micro animations and color palette of the "Star: Celebrity Look a Like" app's mobile interfaces, logo, micro-animations and color palette. The app is designed to allow users to find out which celebrity they look like by uploading or directly taking their photos. The Artificial Intelligence-based face analysis system enriches the user experience by making quick and accurate matches. The color palette and logo were chosen to emphasize the app's modern, user-friendly and fun character.

Our Solution

In our design work for "Star: Celebrity Look a Like", we created an interface that will enable users to easily understand and use the application. The logo and micro animations were designed to support the dynamic and fun structure of the application. The Artificial Intelligence-based face analysis system allows users to find their celebrity twins quickly and accurately. Moreover, thanks to social media integrations, users can easily share their results on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and enrich their experience with different photos.

With these solutions, "Star: Celebrity Look a Like" users a unique, interactive and unforgettable experience.

Custom Animations for Photo Analysis and Result Screen

Match Analysis Result Screens

Designs of the Screen where Matching Celebrities are Reviewed as a Result of Photo Analysis and Areas Requiring Subscription

Subscription Pop-up and Ad Watch Screens

Subscription Promotion Screen Options


We designed a mobile app, logo, micro animations and color palette to make Star easy to use, fun and engaging. The app helps users find their celebrity twins and discover themselves, while also increasing brand awareness and user loyalty with share screens for Instagram and Facebook.




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